Wednesday, April 5, 2017

April Grades 3-4 Book Club: Julie of the Wolves

For April's Book Club, we read Julie of the Wolves by Jean Craighead George. Anthony, Avery, Clare,  Madison, Maida, Quinn, and Reagan were present. This is what we discussed, guided by

Why has Miyax (Julie) run away from home? 

-she doesn't want to be with Daniel who tried to mate with her
-she wants to go to San Francisco to be with her pen pal Amy

How is it that she is lost on the tundra?

-she ran away and didn't make it to California
-she didn't have a compass and other things that she needed to find her way
-she didn't have the North Star to guide her because the sun is always out   -she didn't have enough food

How does Miyax (Julie) feel about American ways of life? How does she feel about traditional Eskimo ways of life? 

-the American way is that they will kill animals for fun (or sport)
-she likes the Eskimo traditions better because she was born into them
-at the beginning, she wanted to go to SF and the lifestyle 

Do her feelings about these remain constant throughout the novel?

-they do remain consistent
-they is always trying to be friends with the animals
-they changed a bit because she decided to stay with the Eskimos
What has Kapugen taught Miyax?

-he taught her how to speak some animals languages
-he taught her how to hunt and survive and make shelter
-he taught her to skin animals and make hides

What are the different seasons on the Alaskan tundra like?

-in winter, it's cold 
-in summer, it's hotter outside
-the sun goes down 
-the sun stays out in other months
-the North Star is her guide through the tundra when the sun goes down   

What does the author tell us about the people and animals of Alaska?

-they started hunting for sport (at the end)
-they know how to survive in the frigid cold weather
-they are sly and will run from humans
-they are furrier than animals here because they need to stay warm

What are some clues from the author that tell the reader when the story takes place? 

-it's 1957
-there are cars, TVs and TV dinners, electricity
-in the mid to late 1900s

What do you think is the most important theme in Julie of the Wolves?

-the Eskimo way and how to be friends with animals

When have you had to be courageous? 

-I jumped off a cliff into the water
-I fell into a 10 foot hole and had to wait for my father to rescue me
-I went on a really high swing in the forest.
-in Hawaii, I went in a canoe that went out really far from the shore. The ride was rewarding.
-Tower of Terror 
-Campbell and I were free-skating on really hard ice which was very painful on our knees 

Which of the characters do you like the most? The least? Why? 

-I liked Kapu the best because he was the best friend to Julie. I liked Jello the least because he stole Julie's food.
-I liked Amaroq the best because he stood up for Julie. I disliked Jello the most because he was mean.
-Amaroq was a leader and was kind to Julie.
-Amaroq because he stood up for Julie. Jello the least because why would you steal food?
-Kapu because of his name. Least was Kapugen because he killed Amaroq and turned from his culture.
-I agree with Maida that Kapu is the best because he was a friend to Julie. Jello stole from Julie.  
-Kapu the best because he gave her meat when she was starving.    

Is Miyax similar to kids you know who are the same age? How are they different?

-My brother is courageous
-My babysitter Allie is nice like Julie
-My older cousin who is brave and nice to people
-My older cousin because she likes doing sports

Is there a character in Julie of the Wolves who you think is a little like you? How so? 

-I might be like Silver
-I'm like Amaroq because I'm a leader and nice to people
-I think I'm kind of like Miyax because I love animals
-I'm like Miyax or Kapu  

Are the messages and themes and lessons taught in Julie of the Wolves important now? Do you think they will be more or less important in the future? How so? 

-we don't have much in the way of Eskimo ways
-you should be nice to people
-Eskimo way of only taking from the Earth what you need is like the modern recycle movement

Is it okay that the author included some sensitive issues and events in Julie of the Wolves? Do you think anything should have been left out?

-Amaroq's death
-that Amaroq was killed by Miyax's father
-why Julie left home 

-(2) 1s
-(1)  2
-(2)  3s
-(2)  4s

For May's Book Club, we will read The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen.

In the country of Carthya, a devious nobleman engages four orphans in a brutal competition to be selected to impersonate the king's long-missing son in an effort to avoid a civil war. 

Book Club will be held on Wednesday, May 3 at 3:00 p.m. Please pick up a copy of the book at the Circulation Desk and be sure to register so that Miss Lisa knows how many snacks to buy!

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