Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March Grades 3-4 Book Club: The One and Only Ivan

For March's Book Club, we read the Newbery Medal winner, The One and Only Ivan, by Katherine Applegate. Cadence, Cameron, Claire, Dylan, Eleanor, Isabella, and Lillian were present. This is some of what we discussed, based on the publisher's reading guide.

1. Why does the sign for the Big Top Mall show Ivan as angry and fierce? 

-Because he is supposed to be a fierce gorilla from the wild
-It attracts people
-When silverbacks beat their chests, it is impressive

2. What are the characteristics of Stella and Bob that make Ivan call them his best friends? What do Ivan and Stella have in common? How are they alike, and how are they different? 

-Because Bob likes to sleep on Ivan's belly. 
-They will always be together, no matter what
-Ivan and Ruby are alike in that they both go to zoos
-They have been in domains for a long time

3. Discuss the special bond between Julia and Ivan. Why is she different from all the other children who come to see his shows? 

-Julia has always been there for him. The other kids leave and don't visit again. Julia and Ivan have a bond of friendship. 
-Ivan has always liked to paint ever since he was little. Julia always brings him pencils, crayons and paints. He likes her so much because she keeps believing in his art. Mack just wants to sell them.

4.Why is Ivan’s art important to Mack? Why is it important to Julia? 

-Mack just wants to sell it for money (with a frame). It's important to Julia because it's important to Ivan.
-Julia likes his paintings because she likes to paint too. Mack sells it for $60 with a frame

5. What is the importance of the television in Ivan’s cage? What does he learn from watching the television? Why does he like Westerns, and what does he learn from the nature shows? 

-One day he saw a gorilla on the TV. He had always thought he was the only one. But now he knows he's not.
-Because he loved his family and he wanted to see other pictures of gorilla.
-He learns about gorillas and he misses the wild. He starts to remember about Tag and all of the fun things he used to do. He remembered what he was named in the wild and Tag too.  -He liked Westerns because he learned about romance.

6. Why is Bob so independent? What events in Bob’s life have shaped his personality? How does Bob’s experience with humans compare to Ivan’s? 

-Bob got tossed out of a truck. He hides whenever people come. But he does like Ivan's furry tummy.
-Bob was thrown out of truck and into a ditch. He survived. 
-The poachers killed Ivan's parents and then his sister died of heartbreak.
-He lived with Mack before he was at the Big Top Mall.  

7. Compare the personalities of Mack and George. How are they alike, and how are they different? What is the meaning of “family” to each of them? 

-George is nice and kind to everyone. Mack was nice at first when he had his wife and raised Ivan as a baby. But, one day, his wife went out and he put Ivan in the domain. And then he became mean. When Ruby came along and he used the claw stick on her, that was mean.
-George is understanding of Ivan because he helped Julia put together Ivan's picture. 
-Family means "home". 
-George is very caring and he wants to keep his job and not get fired because his wife is sick.

8. Why does Ivan promise Stella that he will take care of Ruby when he knows how hard it will be to keep that promise? How does Ivan know that Stella is gone before anyone else does? 

-He wanted to make Stella happy.
-He knows that she's gone because they've been together for a long time. He knew that she was close to death.

9. Discuss the importance of memory in this story. How does Ivan’s perception change when he begins to remember more of his own history?  What was Ivan’s name in the forest? Why is it important for him to remember his name and his life as a baby gorilla? 

-Mud was his name. It was important to remember who he was because he almost forgot how to be a gorilla. But remembering helped him.

10. Why is Ivan reluctant to join the other gorillas when he arrives at the zoo? How does he learn to be a true gorilla? What does he need to do to be accepted by the others? How do you feel when you are in a situation with other children you don’t know? 

-He needs to act like a leader.
-He needs to act like a Silverback.
-He's nervous and scared. He hasn't been around other gorillas in a really long time. He's supposed to be a leader like his father was. 

11. Discuss the theme of belonging in this story, from the point of view of each of the characters. What is the meaning of belonging for each of them? What does the idea of belonging mean to you?

-Belonging to Ivan is being with Bob, Stella and Ruby.

On Wednesday, April 6, we will be meet in order to discuss Switch by Ingrid Law. This is the third companion book in the Scumble series. 

"Gypsy Beaumont's magical savvy switches to its opposite when she learns that her mean and decidedly non-magical grandma has Alzheimer's and is going to move in with her family" - summary

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