Wednesday, January 4, 2017

January Grades 3-4 Book Club Discussion: The Isle of the Lost

We had a great book discussion in January about The Isle of the Lost: A Descendant's Novel by Melissa de la Cruz. Avery, Cam, Charles, Claire, Lillian, Madison, Maida, Quinn, Reagan, and Thomas were present.  Please read some of the comments about the book below.

Please use one word to describe your first impression of each of the main characters: Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay:

-Carlos: genius; Mal: crazy; Jay: silent/stealthy; Evie: foolish
-Mal: wicked; Carlos: brainy and scared; Evie: spoiled; Jay: pickpocket
-Mal: mean; Jay: stealthy; Carlos: engineer; Evie: foolish
-Carlos: smart; Jay: stealthy; Evie: foolish; Mal: mischeivous

What's your favorite scene of the story?:

-The whole adventure to finding the Dragon's Eye
-The party
-When Evie's in the closet (because she got out) and when they got the Dragon's Eye
-being inside the castle
-when they were answering the riddles to get in
-When Carlos sends the beam into the dome and the library being guarded by a giant spider
-The party
-When Mal and Jay are trading
-The beam hits the dome or the party

If your parent were a villain, such as Maleficent, would you fight against him/her or help them try to regain his/her power?:

-Help them get their powers back.
-I would stay in my room and avoid everything
-I would probably pretend to help and then mess around with her
-I would help them because she's my mom
-When it's Christmas in Auradon, if I were Carlos, I would help all the villains escape.
-I would fight them because it's what's right
-I would help them because they are my parents
-I would want to help them
-I would help my parents
-I would help them. They would be the best villains ever and they would be famous
-I would fight them because they are villains. Even though they are the parents, they are not very nice to their children.

What did you think about the ending of the book? Would you read the sequel?: 

-I loved it and I would read the sequel.
-I would read the sequel.
-I would read the sequel.

Please rate this book from 1-5, with 5 being the best:

-Six 5s
-Two 4s
-Two 3s

We will meet on February 1 at 3:00 p.m. in order to discuss The Seventh Wish by Kate Messner.

"Unsure of how to get her family's attention, Charlie comes across the surprise of her life one day while ice-fishing ... in the form of a floppy, scaly fish offering to grant her a wish in exchange for its freedom"-- Provided by publisher.

Please pick up your copy of the book at the Circulation Desk. And don't forget to register!

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