Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January Grades 3-4 Book Club: Savvy by Ingrid Law

In January, the Grades 3-4 Book Club met to discuss Savvy by Ingrid Law. Cadence, Cameron, Claire, Clare, Eleanor, Lillian, and Maida were present. This is what we discussed, guided by some Walden Media questions.

Mibs wishes, at least temporarily, that her savvy could “give [her] the muscle to turn nasty girls into slimy green frogs or to glue their mouths shut tight with a nod of [her] head.” (p. 17) Why do the girls in Mibs’s class make fun of her? What would you do in her place? 

-Because her name is Mississippi and they make rude names from that
-I would stick up for myself
-I would say "don't sass me," "don't call me names," and "don't be mean to me". I would also tell the teacher.
-Don't let words get you down so if I were Mibs

The Beaumonts have to keep their savvies a secret from everyone. Would that be difficult for you? Do you think everyone has a secret? Who would you trust with your big secrets? 

-I would trust God and my cat and dog
-I wouldn't trust my friends or family because they would tell
-My family and my cousins, my other cousins, my best friends
-Everyone has secrets
-I have a major secret
-I would tell a 99 year old because they would be dead soon 

Which scene in their wild adventure is your favorite?

-When Will kissed Mibs in the pool
-When Will and Fish are fighting
-When Will wondered if the turtle was alive or dead
-When Mibs woke her father up (2)
-When they got on the bus -When Bobbie reaches down to get the sandwich and Mibs saw the talking angel

In the last year, what have you, like Mibs, discovered about yourself? 

-I can climb over a wall
-I found out something important. I am an amazing butterflier.
-I'm really good at math
-I'm really good at sewing

How does Lill Kiteley end up on the bus? What would you say is her special know-how? How does she use that know-how during her time on the bus and how does it affect the passengers? 

-Lill is a hitchhiker (her car is broken down) and she got fired from her job and then she knew that when she left her boss on the floor of the diner, she knew she couldn't go home. 
-She is good at being kind.

How does Mibs’s relationship with Will and Bobbi change over the course of the adventure? Who do you think changes the most in the story? 

-Bobbi changes the most in the story because she starts out mean and then she ends up being a nice person. She goes from smirks to real smiles.

Fish and Rocket have a terrible time scumbling their savvies. Are there any parts of your own personality that you have a difficult time controlling? Is it better to tone down parts of yourself so that you fit in or is it more important to be yourself completely? 

-Be yourself.
-Be yourself.

What do you think makes Poppa wake up at last? Do you think it has anything to do with one of the Beaumont’s savvies?

-It's Mibs.
-Maybe it's all of the Beaumont's savvies combined!

Rate this book from 1-5, with 5 being the best.


On February 3, we will meet to discuss Savvy's companion book, Scumble.

Mibs's cousin Ledge is disappointed to discover that his "savvy"--the magical power unique to each member of their family--is to make things fall apart, which endangers his uncle Autry's ranch and reveals the family secret to future reporter Sarah.

Please be sure to pick up your copy of the book at the Circulation Desk and register for Book Club. Snacks will be provided but Miss Lisa needs to know how many to purchase!

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