Thursday, March 5, 2015

March Grades 3-4 Book Club: Bunnicula by Deborah and James Howe

For March's Book Club, we read Bunnicula by Deborah and James Howe. Marisa, Natalie and Spencer were present. This is what we talked about:

How did the family choose names for Chester? Bunnicula?

-Chester was named for an author.
-They named Bunnicula because they just watched Dracula and he's a bunny.

Do you know how your parents chose your name?

-We've been to a lot of places with names: Alexandria, Jamestown, Fort Mathers.
-My mom picked my name because it's Natalia in Spanish.
-I was given my middle name because it means island and ocean.
-I have 2 middle names.
-My dog is named Jetty for jetties on the rocks.
-My dog's name is Bogart and he's a famous actor.

Have you ever read to your pet like Toby reads to Harold?

-I read to him because he likes it. He barks when I do it. I think he understands what I'm saying.

Did you think this book was scary? Why or why not?

-No. I loved it.

What is the scariest book you've read? Movie you've seen?

-Star Wars, the third movie.
-My sister says that the Hunger Games is really scary.
-Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

What is Harold's favorite people food? Does your pet have a favorite people food?

-Cream filled chocolate cupcakes.
-He likes grapes and McDonald's fries and chicken nuggets.

Garlic scares away vampires. What is your least favorite smell?

-Brussel sprouts

What is the weirdest thing your pet has ever done? 

-He eats his own poo.
-My dog ate his own bathroom stuff.
-My brother put peanut butter on my dog's tongue so he kept chasing it.

Who in your life is most likely a vampire secretly?

-My dad sleeps a lot but he's not a vampire.
-My sister takes a lot of naps.
-My big sister because she wants to be a super-hero.

What about some other secret creature/mythical creature?

-I have the tooth fairy.
-My cousin is a fairy because she's always helping people.
-I have a godfather.
-There's a guy in our school who would be everywhere we went. That must be some kind of mythical creature.

If you were secretly a monster or mythical creature, what would you be?

-I would be a fairy mermaid who can change into a human.
-I would like to be a mermaid.
-I want to be an alien.
-I want to be a bunny rabbit.

What would you do if you thought one of your pets was a vampire?

-I would call the animal shelter or get a net.
-I would whack it with a stick.
-I would jump out the window and yell "My dog is a vampire!"
-If I had a phone, I would call Miss Lisa and she would drive in a magical eyeball and she would go into a cyclops's face and the cyclops would turn Miss Lisa evil with a spell and (child's name) would get saved by a magical unicorn. Miss Lisa asks (child's name) to reverse the spell, which works but makes Miss Lisa forget how old she is. Miss Lisa thinks she's four.

We wrote our own story, using words chosen at random from Bunnicula.

Sitting on the toilet, pooping and reading the newspaper, the toilet broke. A rabbit jumped into the toilet and said "can I have some privacy? I need to go too." The rabbit's family came in and asked "What are you doing sitting on the toilet with this weirdo, Bob?" Bob sweetly said "I will not move off this toilet!" but the rabbit said "It's broken, why won't you get off?" I was reading an article and put my head in the toilet and kissed it.

Newbery Award, here these kids come!

For April's Book Club, we will be reading Kate Klise's Regarding the Fountain.

When the principal asks a fifth-grader to write a letter regarding the purchase of a new drinking fountain for their school, he finds that all sorts of chaos results.

We will meet on Wednesday, April 1 at 3:00 p.m. to discuss the book and have some snacks. Please feel free to sign up and join us! 


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