Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Grades 3-4 Book Club: Brother from a Box

Evan Tuttle did not write this book. Same first name; it's confusing.

Who if your favorite character in the story? Why?:

James: Norman because he's a robot and he's cool and he can do cool tricks.

Molly: Norman because he's awesome. He's like a real kid but he's a robot.

Natalie: Norman because I think he's cool because he can do anything. He's a math genius and everybody likes him. It would be cool to have a bionic brother.

Julia: Norman because he's the kind of character who can bring out emotions in other characters. He has a big part in showing brotherhood.

Evan: Andre because he has very high intellect in math and he's boss.

Kelsey: Norman because his eyeball falls out.

Abby: Annie Bananas because she tried to kiss Norman. And she was funny.

Olivia: Norman because he had a pull out butt.

Riley: I wanted to give Abby's answer. She's hyper and kind of like me. She's funny

Hayden: My first favorite was Jean-Pierre Jr. because he found the robot and was excited for what he did. And then he heard the robot saying French. The robbers were my second favorite.

Rileigh: I really liked Matt Jr. because he figured out the idea to get Norman on TV. And I like Norman because he sparks out.

Natalie: Norman can feel hurt, offended, etc. He just couldn't feel physical hurt.

Julia: He could bring out the emotions because he can feel the emotions too.

What did you think about Matt's mom not accepting Norman until late in the book?: 

Rileigh: I thought that she just didn't accept that her husband was building robots.

Riley: I think she doesn't want him to get caught and have him there. She doesn't want cameras around.

Hayden: Maybe she thought if Norman was like a butler, he might malfunction and destroy. And he ran into a locker.

Abby: I can understand why the mom wouldn't accept Norman. If I had a baby before and it died, I wouldn't want a reminder.

Olivia: I think the mom didn't accept Norman because of his portable butts.

Kelsey: I think that the mom doesn't like Norman because she could see the future of them being chased by bad guys.

Julia: I agree with Abby because I know that the mom liked Norman but it was too sad to have someone that looked the same.

Natalie: I get why for multiple reasons: Lucien dying, etc. The mom didn't know that he was a robot at first and his behavior was weird at first. She needed to get used to the idea of a robot kid.

Molly: I agree with Abby and Julia. Imagine if you had a child that died when he was 15 months and then your husband brought home a bionic robot that looked exactly like him.

Julia: It was sad that Norman's implode code was Lucien's birthday twice.

James: I know how the mom feels. Why would you want a robotic kid?

How would you react if your parent created or bought a robot for you?:

Rileigh: A third person in the family would be cool for us. It would clean our stuff up.

Julia: I would disagree. I would not like having a robot brother. I am one of those people who doesn't like big changes. Maybe my parents would pay too much attention to the robot. It would be sad to be ignored. It would be like a runt fawn that is left to die.

Natalie: I would like it because my brother isn't very nice to me. A robot brother would be nice to me. I would dislike it if my parents weren't doing it for scientific reasons.

Molly: I would like and dislike it. Having a robot would be cool but I would be afraid of not being paid attention.

James: I would like it because you could program him to do anything you want. I wouldn't want my brother to be showing off at school because that would be annoying.

If you could change a scene in the story, which one would it be? Why?:

James: I would change them driving away. I think there needed to be more action in the escape scene.

Molly: I wouldn't change anything.

Natalie: I wouldn't change anything.

Julia: I would change the scene where he teaches his brother how to skateboard.

Evan: In the chase scene, when the gun was pointed at the Rambeaus, I would change it to a AK47.

Kelsey: I would change when Lucien dies because it's toats sad.

Cecilia: I would change the part where someone was hacking into Norman.

Abby: I would change the part where Annie Bananas makes Matt go up on the table. It should have been something more daring.

Olivia: I would change the gun to a machine gun.

Riley: I would add a scene where he finds out that he has human feelings. He can feel pain, sadness, human emotions.

Hayden: The part at school. Why would a robot be at school?

Rileigh: I would change the scene where Norman walks into the locker and doesn't come out until the end of the day.

Please rate this book from 1-5, with 5 being the best:

Rileigh: 5

Hayden: 5.5

Riley: 5.75

Olivia: 1, I didn't like it.

Abby: 4

Cecilia: 4.5

Kelsey: 5

Evan: 4.99999

Julia: 5

Natalie: 5.75

Molly: 5

James: 5

The Grade 3-4 Book Club selection for December is Jake and Lily by Jerry Spinelli. " "Jake and Lily are twins and have always felt the same--like two halves of one person--but the year they turn eleven and Jake begins hanging out with Bump Stubbins, everything changes"--Publisher. Copies of the book will be available behind the Circulation Desk within the next week. Please remember to register for Book Club so that we know how many people will be coming.

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