Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Book Club: In a Glass Grimmly

For April's Book Club, we read In a Glass Grimmly by Adam Gidwitz. Here are our thoughts…

I liked it and I thought it was great. (a good way to start off a book club meeting!)

Andreas: It was pretty disgusting and gory like the prequel! Why did the author like it. It was a great book but because of Eddie but it WAS TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DISGUSTING! It had a good ending with the Seeing Glass and the story couldn't be true!
If I could change one scene in the book, it would be:

Lisa: Like Andreas, I would change how much description went into saying how smelly Eddie was. I got the point after the first few descriptors.

Harry: I would change the part where the mother heard when Jack and Jill were telling their story. They should have stayed by themselves for a little while longer.

If I could be a character from this book it would be:

Harry: I'm not sure. Most of the characters were funny but some had flaws that I wouldn't want.

My favorite character is:

Harry: The Frog. He's really funny, with the jokes he makes and how he reacts to situation.

Lisa: The Frog was funny.

The character I wouldn’t want to climb a beanstalk with is:

Harry: Marie was a jerk. He sounded like a bully.

Were you confused by anything in this book?

Lisa: I was confused by the goblin world. Harry just helped me figure it out.

The one character I would want to be happy forever after is:

Harry: It's a tie between all of the main characters who first had a miserable time of it.

Lisa: Exactly what Harry said.

Which fairy tale would you like to be dropped into? 

Harry: I have no idea.

Lisa: Me neither. There are so many options (most of which are scary!). 

Please rate this book from 1-5, with 5 being the best (or a numerical scale):

Harry: 4 or 5, it's a good book. Probably 4.

Lisa:  4

Andreas: This would be a B- because the goriness was horrible!

The book for the next Book Club meeting is Starry River of the Sky by Grace Lin. We will be meeting on Wednesday, May 1st.

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