Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 2012: Holes by Louis Sachar

Harry, Andreas, and I met in-person and virtually in order to discuss Holes by Louis Sachar.

We decided to run this session a little differently by creating a sequel to the book that we read. In this way, we were able to talk about the book, discuss it, and really interpret what we had read. Here's our sequel to Holes:

Piles: "Every Hole has to have a Pile. And who knows, that pile could be IMPORTANT."

Remember the pig song from Holes? There's a code in that song that leads to a treasure. Stanley has discovered the code but there's one problem...the Warden has broken out of jail and she knows the code too. It's a race against time to find the treasure before she does. With a few friends and all of his wits, Stanley might just make it.

Did the evil, nasty Warden go to jail? Yes, she did. Her punishment was that she had to dig holes. Justice indeed. But she ended up digging a hole right out of her jail cell. She is the bad guy of this story as well. The Warden is still obsessed with finding treasure. She finds out that the pig lullaby unlocks some kind of secret. Stanley and some of his friends (including Zero) find that out too and try to get to the treasure first.

One of the answers to the pig lullaby has to do with the foot fungus that Clyde Livingston had. There are all sorts of different clues. You can find them in the most unlikely (and gross) places: "Who knows? The clue might be in your shoe!"

Our story starts a few months after the premiere of the foot fungus commercial. Sploosh! Stanley and his whole family have had a change in their luck. He has discovered why this has happened. This is the story.

(SPOILER: There was something inside Kate Barlow's treasure chest. There was a powder that coated the treasure and sprayed out when the chest was opened. The more powder that the person who opens the chest inhales, the more luck s/he gets. The powder is being held in all sorts of fancy bottles that are worth a lot of money. A few of the bottles have broken and that's what spit out at Stanley when he opened the chest. Now he's got some great luck. Everyone is racing to find the source of the powder. It's go something to do with the onions found on on God's Thumb.) be continued...

Do you guys like Harry's story so far? He still needs to work on more details but I think he's got a great start!

Be sure to tune in next month to find out what we all think of Artemis Fowl. That book has a sequel already but maybe we'll make up our own!

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